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1- Bottle $49.95



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90 caps per bottle. Regular $24.95,



The essential vitamin for methadone treatment patients, . Nutridone's formula was developed to assist in nutritional restoration of the body in methadone patients. The Nutridone formula helps to balance your metabolism while on methadone or off. Nutridone also is the answer to methadone side effects of sugar cravings, sweating, constipation, and low energy.







Dermal K Clarifying Cream


2-oz jar $29.95


This top seller is used by the likes of Drew Barrymore. Dermal K utilizes vitamin K and other beneficial ingredients for the treatment of spider veins, bruising, burns, acne, thin skin, psoriasis, eczema and most types of skin problems or discomfort.




Milk Thistle Complex


90 caps per bottle. Regular $8.95, Intro $7.90


Contains a group of flavonolignans known collectively as silymarin from the milk thistle seed. Research has shown silymarin to have a twofold effect on the liver. It increases cell production. This increases sub cellular glutathione in the liver thus preventing cellular damage by toxins. It is important to remember that it is also important to have proper bowel movements to help decrease the build up of toxins in the system which can be re-absorbed. You may need other products such as Vitadone to get maximum benefit








 60 caps per bottle.  Regular $29.95, Intro $19.90


An all natural product designed to elevate the body’s ability to produce the human growth hormone.  After the age of 30 the body’s natural process of producing HGH reduces significantly over time.  This affects the body’s ability to repair itself.  Amino acids are essential building blocks of protein that promote and enhance growth and maintenance of all body tissues.  Although only 9 are named essential all 20 are of great importance to the body.  HGH is produced in the pituitary gland in the center of the brain.  HGH is at its optimum level during adolescence, and it peaks between 21 and 30.  It then declines at about 14% every ten years.  Amino Acids empower vitamins and minerals. Find out more about EnLiven and HGH.




Immune +

60 caps per bottle. Regular $14.95, Intro $11.90

Everyone is concerned about good health and its maintenance. However, everyone doesn’t do anything about it! Now you have the opportunity with Immune+ to support and strengthen every organ and system in your body. It is one of the most complete formulas on the market today. It strengthens your immune system while it helps to protect your body from the effects of free radicals that enter the body to do damage. Will this happen overnight?


It requires patience and for you to allow the product to work. We live in a society of fast everything from food to instant gratification. Unfortunately the food we eat does not provide us with the nutrients we need in the right
quantities or qualities. We need to supplement that process. Hence, we need to take vitamins and mineral supplements that are all natural.

Don’t delay; get started on the road to better health. It’s your body (the only one you will ever have) so take care of it!





Mind Direct

30 caps per bottle. Regular $19.95, Intro $14.90


Mind Direct is a complex designed to improve cognitive balance in the brain with the use of circulation agents and neurotransmitter precursors that support healthy mental clarity, concentration, alertness, focus, memory and mood.






Tranquil Rx

 60 caps per bottle.  Regular $12.95, Intro $10.90


This Complex is designed to help you relax and even sleep better.  It uses some of the best natural products to achieve this end.



Choless Health

60 caps per bottle. Regular $13.95, Intro $11.90



Cayenne is believed by many to be one of the best herbs because it acts as a catalyst and improves the effectiveness of other herbs. Further it is used by many for the digestive system as well as for the heart and circulatory system. It is an herb that has been used traditionally because it is believed to improve circulation, but has many other applications. Cayenne stimulates blood flow by dilating the arterial walls and cutting through the mucus in the veins to improve the circulation.


Omega Complex 369

120 gel caps per bottle. Regular $24.95, Intro $19.50


This complex is made up of essential fatty acids which are the “good fats” or healthy fats the body needs to function properly. There must be a proper ratio of these acids in the body for optimum health.




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